ExcelPro™ Plus is the brand for our intelligent protein solutions, based on compounds of both company internal proteins as well as “external” protein sources such as alginate systems, fibres etc. With ExcelPro™ Plus you get tailor-made protein solutions – meeting the most specific needs for functionality

ExcelPro™ Plus Origin Protein Nx6,25 Water binding Fat binding Application areas
Plus TC 70 Essentia pork web icon 64-70 % 1:8-14 - Injected products
- Reformed products
- Emulsified products
Plus TF 75 Essentia pork web icon 64-70 % 1:6-12 - Injected products
- Reformed products
CE 40 Essentia pork web icon 49-55 % 1:20-25 1:10-15 - Emulsified products
Meat Extender Essentia pork web icon 1:10-15 1:10-15