APro™ covers our single-source blood-based protein solutions. The series consist of functional plasma and haemoglobin-based ingredients developed for texture and yield improvement in meat applications. Either, they can be used alone or in combination with other functional ingredients.

These blood-based protein solutions help improve yield, texture, sliceability, and may be used to reduced purge – all while providing a clean-label solution that consumers recognize and understand.

All APro™ products are derived from porcine (plasma or haemoglobin) and developed through an advanced technology of separation, concentration, hydrolysis and spray-drying.

APro™ Origin Protein Nx6,25 Water binding Fat binding Application areas
AProPork™ Essentia pork web icon ≥70 % 1:12 1:12 - Injected and reformed products
- Emulsified products
- Ground products
- Retorted products
AProSan™ Essentia pork web icon ≥85 % 1:5 0 - Blood products
AProThem™ Essentia pork web icon ≥92 % 1:4 0 - Blood products