AProRed™ is a natural micro-granulated meat pigment derived from pork blood. When adding AProRed™ you get a more homogeneous color in your meat products. As a meat processor you can improve the product appearance and acquire a meat-authentic look without adding food colorants. AProRed™ is a natural pigment that intensifies the coloring and improves the perception of lean meat.

AProRed™ brings a high degree of consistency to the product appearance and improves the perceived product quality. Despite color variances in e.g. lean and extended meat, AProRed™ will deliver consistency to the products. This means that AProRed™ also adds to a better process efficiency.

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APro™ Origin Protein Nx6,25 Application areas
AProRed™ Essentia pork web icon ≥62 % - Injected and reformed products
- Emulsified products
- Ground products
- Dried and fermented products