- Beef Protein Isolate that offers a clinically-tested, real food solution for boosting protein in a variety of nutritional products.

Go to any gym across the country and ask 10 people who look like they could be a cover model for the latest workout mag...

“What’s the main staple in their diet for trying to gain pounds of rock hard mass while staying lean?”

The answer ‘Lean Beef’ will come up time and time again...

No surprise, right? After all, lean beef has been a staple in our diets since humans dragged around clubs and lived in caves. Incredibly we’re still discovering the power of beef and how it affects the human body to this very day!

In fact a recently published study showed that the nutrition provided in a small 6oz serving of lean meat was found to "signficantly improve the rate of muscle protein synthesis following exercise."

Which confirms an earlier study showing the nutrition provided in just a 4oz serving size of lean beef "significantly stimulated muscle protein synthesis in both the young and elderly."

That's what drove us to find a way to "harnness" the power of beef without any negatives associated with it..and we did it, the first "Beef Protein Isolate"!

*Of hormones and antibiotics that are approved for use in beef. Tested down to the ten-thousands ppm

Athletes around the world know that you have to eat meat to grow...now you're able to get the power of beef in the convenience of a powder!