The next generation of meat proteins: Enzymatically Hydrolyzed Chicken Protein

What is HydroCHX+™?

HydroCHX+™ is the first hydrolyzed chicken protein isolate from fresh chicken meat. The isolates contain 90% protein and are 100% soluble in water. Our product has a complete protein and amino acid profile containing valuble micronutrients. Super bioactive peptides deliver short peptides (di & tri) for quick absorption. Over 70% of the protein is in the di & tri peptide form (under 1,000 daltons). Bioactive peptides have shown to have strong anti-oxidant effect, vasoldialtation and mood enhancement.

The proprietary enzymatic process makes the product easy to digest and fast to absorb. Since strenuous physical activity, stress, trauma, exhaustion, etc. limits your ability to absorb and break down proteins -  this is why this protein form is prefered by doctors and hospitals.