ProFlavor™ offers a wide range of powerful flavouring solutions for beef, chicken pork and turkey. It provides added value to savoury applications by maximizing taste at minimal cost. Our cost-effective, protein based meat flavours are completely soluble and injectable, making them a practical solution in a wide range of applications. Along with the added benefits of a clean and allergen-free label even the most discerning customers can delight in our flavour solutions.

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ProFlavor™ Origin Protein Fat Moisture Packaging
B3301 Spray-Dried Beef Flavor Essentia beef web icon 53.9% 5.4% 1.1%
B3307 Beef Flavor Essentia beef web icon 50.4 % 0.5 % 1.2 % 50 lb. bags
P3306 Pork Flavor Essentia pork web icon 46.7 % 0.4 % 1.3 % 50 lb. bags
C3306 Chicken Flavor Essentia chicken web icon 49.4 % 0.9 % 1.6 % 50 lb. bags
T3306 Turkey Flavor Essentia turkey web icon 48.2 % 0.2 % 3.9 % 50 lb. bags