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Sliced cheese analogue

Producers of sliced cheese analogue can replace sodium caseinate with a gelatin-like functional ingredient and still keep the essential attributes of block cheese.

By partly replacing key milk proteins, such as sodium caseinate, EmulPro™ enables you to manufacture cost-effective cheese analogues without downsizing on quality, appearance or organoleptic properties.

EmulPro™ functional ingredients have excellent emulsifying properties that allow you to lower expenses and still preserve the integrity of real cheese.
These functional ingredients are excellent emulsifiers and provide end products with firmness and texture, adhesiveness, springiness and a creamy mouthfeel. They improve the sliceability and the stability during heating.

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Analogue Block Cheese (reduced caseinate)

Analogue Block Cheese (reduced caseinate)

Processed block cheese

This recipe provides inspiration for the production of processed block cheese with excellent texture achieved through the addition of EmulPro™ B 200 which besides assisting the emulsification process, also brings very useful cost-in-use benefits

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