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Reformed ham

The gelling properties of functional proteins help bind the meat pieces together, bind the water content, and at the same time improve the texture. Collagen from the protein brings elasticity into the end product to improve the sliceabillity.
This results in better quality products and a cost-in-use solution for your reformed meat products.

A nice firm texture combined with a better cohesion between the ham muscles will give better sliceability and result in less slicing loss. 

Adding meat cuts and brine made from our functional proteins directly into a tumbler, allows you to produce a reformed ham with e.g. 150 % extension and excellent sliceability. No injection needed – it’s easy and helps you stay competitive.

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Reformed ham with ScanPro™ HI Premium

Reformed Pork Ham, 120% extension

This recipe shows how you can achieve 120 % yield using ScanPro™ HI Premium to extend your reformed hams. You will be able to manufacture a product that is juicy, with a consistent texture.
Another improvement will be the sliceability, which also adds to the yield as waste is almost eliminated. These are factors in your favor as consumers will appreciate and prefer the superior quality and presentation you will have on offer.

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