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In today’s global marketplace, a growing number of consumers of different gender, age and lifestyle are looking to add more protein into their daily diets.

Protein is recognized as an essential macronutrient for people of all ages, including:

• Older adults wanting to limit the physical impact of aging
• Active individuals looking for improved strength and better recovery
• Adults wanting to take control of their personal health and wellbeing

With potential benefits for muscle strength, joint health and improved satiety, our protein solutions are an obvious choice for protein enrichment of many nutritious beverages.


Powder mixes

HydroBEEF™ and HydroCHX™ are hydrolyzed soluble beef and chicken protein powders. They are ideal for protein fortification of powder mix applications and contain essential amino acids found in beef and chicken.

These unique protein ingredients, sourced from EU-approved raw materials, provide several advantages over other protein ingredients and offer clean label solutions for nutrition products.

Easy to apply to powder mixes and due to high solubility it will disperse easily in water etc.

Powder mixes

Collagen water and shots

OmniCol™ 110 is a pure protein obtained through enzymatic hydrolysis of raw material full of collagen peptides.

It is a protein where essential amino acids are present, e.g. glycine, proline, hydroxyproline and arginine. All essential for supporting bone, skin and muscle maintenance.

Highly soluble powder easy to disperse in water, the perfect and healthy choice for collagen water and shots.

Collagen water and shots

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