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Authentic and great taste

Essentia’s taste solutions make perfect building blocks to enhance flavor and boost the final product’s own taste.

The stocks - supplied as pastes and spray-dried powders - originate from pork, beef, chicken, lamb or different kinds of seafood, and our specialty fats come from pork, beef, chicken or lamb.

They make excellent building blocks for the creation of an authentic flavor profile, and they feature organoleptic properties ideal for application in a variety of ready meals.

The entire range is free from additives and can go directly into your application as a clean label ingredient.

All stocks and fats can be added in the processing line or as an ingredient in savory mixes and blends.

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Mushroom risoto

ProBase™ ingredients give depth to risottos and other ready meals where a rich and solid meaty base is needed.

Noodle soup

Disclaimer: This information is provided as is without any warranties. The use and application of our products are not under our control and we recommend to make your own application trials. Please, refer to our general disclaimer

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