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Enhance the nutritional value while showcasing an impressive appearance and delicious taste

Increase the collagen level in your products with ingredients such as OmniCol™ or HydroBEEF™.

OmniCol™ is pure protein and easily adaptable in any application, as it is a non-gelling product that dissolves fast and seamlessly in cold water. Use it in your desserts, sweets and beverages.

Add HydroBEEF™ to your applications to keep a clear and clean label. This protein-rich collagen fits perfectly in many nutrition applications.

Meet customer demands for delicious sweets and desserts, high in protein and with a recommendable nutritional value. Use our ingredients OmniCol™ and HydroBEEF™ to add a high-in protein claim while maintaining a premium tasting experience.

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Collagen Chocolate Brownie

Collagen Chocolate Brownie

Creamy Collagen Dessert

Creamy Collagen Dessert

Fruity Collagen Gummies

Fruity Collagen Gummies

Adding OmniCol™ can transform simple gummies into a nutritional treat.

Fortifying pancakes

Fortifying pancakes with OmniCol™ benefits the consumer by providing an indulgent and healthy nutrition packed treat.

Iron-fortified chocolates

Creamy collagen dessert fortified with collagen peptides that delivers protein and several benefits for health and wellbeing.

Collagen marshmallows

Marshmallows are a delightful treat that allows many manufacturers of sweets to explore their fun and creative side.

Disclaimer: This information is provided as is without any warranties. The use and application of our products are not under our control and we recommend to make your own application trials. Please, refer to our general disclaimer

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