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Pet jerky

Jerky is a luxury dried snack product for dogs.

Adding protein enables the producer to increase protein content, decrease water activity levels and, at the same time, reduce drying time.

The palatability of jerky can be taken to a higher level of natural flavor by using the excellent flavor profile of PetSavio™ proteins.

By optimizing with a clean label ingredient, pets can enjoy dried snacks from 100% animal origin.

Pet jerky dried snack from 100 % animal origin

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Pet Jerky with PetPremio™ FP 200

Pet Jerky

This recipe provides inspiration for using the functional protein solution PetPremio™ FP 200 in your formulation. Due to its impressive waterbinding properties, it is ideal for jerky-like products as it helps reduce the drying time in addition to delivering a chewy bite.

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