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Meet an employee

Read on and understand why our employees feel empowered to create unprecedented value and opportunities for our customers, and ultimately for us and for each individual. Here everyone has an obligation to contribute to making Essentia an interesting and engaging place to work.  

Below you can meet several truly committed employees and gain an insight into what it is like to work for Essentia.

"It’s about helping everyone achieve their best work"

Sandra Cervilla, Product Manager, Blood Derivate Protein Solutions
(employed since 2021)

I have been part of the Essentia family for a bit more than a year. It’s the ideal place for me because of the company philosophy of constantly finding ways of helping food manufacturers. It also ties with my strong interest in supporting the sales team and customers.

My job involves coordinating all departments in Spain, to make sure that information flows in all relevant directions, and I also report to the headquarters in Denmark to keep the appraised on all matters. I also provide technical support, by way of presentations, seminars, webinars, etc. 

A good day for me involves completing tasks well and making business better for our customers by improving their production processes. It’s not always smooth sailing, but meeting a challenge offers the most satisfaction. I have two groups of colleagues who I value equally, and that’s people I see every day in the office, and there’s also the Essentia global family which I can count on in various corners of the world. 

Achieving a common goal and learning from different colleagues of other backgrounds and cultures is one of the best experiences. 

"I find pride in being a part of Essentia’s global organization"

Sami Mikail, Regional Director, Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Asia/Pacific
(employed since 2009)

My job involves people management for the most part. This includes meeting and staying in touch with our customers and distributors, as well as supporting the sales team’s efforts in doing the same. ​

Being a member of the Essentia team for almost 13 years now has been a great opportunity for the establishment of great relationships both internally and externally – on a global scale. My colleagues are part of why I enjoy my job, and I find managing and promoting team spirit is not a hardship when you have such a well-honed team. ​

A good day at work for me involves working together to provide for the needs of our customers. Essentia places emphasis on customer centricity, and we share in their challenges and success stories as we continue to follow the company’s mission of always putting them first. ​

"Mutual appreciation and respect are the most useful tool for productivity"

Vladimir Biondic, Technical Sales Manager, Central & Eastern Europe and the Middle East 
(employed since 2014)

My duties include dealing with technologists, in distribution as well as direct customers. It is always a pleasure to offer some insight that helps solve issues and assist in providing a solution. It is a great opportunity to help improve the quality as well as cost-in-use which reflect well on, and benefit everyone.

Working at Essentia has been especially fulfilling because of the opportunity to put the customer and the quality of their end products first. Customer-centricity is an important principle to have, to ensure that it is known that we are listening, understanding, and taking care of our clients’ needs. This along with providing the best quality ingredients and supporting services are the most important parts of our work. Essentia uses the approach of focusing and adapting to give what is needed. By being flexible, customers get to work with someone who can fulfil their needs.

Being part of the Central and Eastern Europe team is also highly motivating because of the cooperation and support within the group. Mutual appreciation and respect are the most useful tool for productivity, and we use it well. It is also very beneficial working for a company that cares about the employees and provides for professional and self-improvement through the constant encouragement towards education and advancement of skills.

“A very rewarding job”

Erik Johnson, Mechanical Engineer
(employed since 2014)

My primary role is, project design and implementation, but that is far from the scope of opportunities and experiences I have been involved with, while working at Essentia. Projects range from in-house safety and process improvement projects to new facility layout and design. There is always something new and exciting to work on.

Working at Essentia has given me the exciting opportunity to be hands on with all aspects of my job.  The challenge of coming up with a solution, seeing it come together and make a difference is very rewarding. I have developed close working relationships and friendships with the entire Essentia team and the extended LGI family which makes it enjoyable to work for this company.

"Soft values are enforced and prioritizied"

Tina Morgen Madsen, Global Quality Director 
(employed since 2017)

I am happy to work with Essentia, because I feel I have been given wide powers to lead my team as I want. This is only possible because we, as an organization, are very well supported by strong values and skilled employees. I feel respected for what I do as a leader. And I strive to provide my team with all the information they need. When I need help, there is a huge network of experts I can turn to and rely on for assistance. Everyone is eager to help. I believe it is important to focus on the joy and well-being of the employees, and I really think that the soft values are enforced and prioritized here at Essentia.

“Part of a team of multiple nationalities”

Carlos Zamorano Vera, Technical Specialist, Latin America
(employed since 2017)

Together with our distributors, I visit customers to promote, offer and advise on the use of our ingredients. Their needs are many and vary according to the country. I contribute with knowledge of local customs and legislation that governs each market. I appreciate the communication I have with my colleagues at the other Essentia offices. I feel there is always room for exchanging a message or a call for a cordial greeting despite the distance. Working in Essentia has allowed me to get familiar with different cultures and customs around the world. I am part of a great team of multiple nationalities, which further accentuates the global character of Essentia.

"Easy and fulfilling to learn something new everyday"

Teresa Busch, Scientist II, Quality, Regulatory and Technical Service
(employed since 2014)

I work in Quality, Regulatory and Technical Service in a role that is all about support, service and collaboration driven by science and data.  I work closely with our plants and laboratories to support production needs, provide analysis to drive decision making, and troubleshoot to develop solutions.  We collaborate to solve technical issues, answer technical inquiries, and strive for continuous improvement. I have been empowered with the freedom to develop and deep dive into projects grounded in science and data. As a Food Scientist, it is so gratifying to see Essentia ingredients in products purchased to nourish families knowing that I was able to play a role in bringing those products to the shelves.

As an industry leader in stocks and broths, Essentia is a small company where everyone knows each other, especially at the Global Corporate Headquarters, which makes for a friendly workplace. It makes working with colleagues easy and there is always someone to consult with. My work varies from day to day which keeps things interesting. I am a lifelong learner, so it’s easy and fulfilling to learn something new every day at Essentia.

"You are a person - not just an employee"

Rod Davies, Legislation & Applied Technology Manager
(employed since 1997)

My current role covers technical, commercial and legislative responsibilities. This gives me the opportunity to interact with many different strands of our industry making my job both challenging and rewarding. One day I can be presenting to a new prospective customer either in their facility or in ours, the next day running trials in their factory to improve their product. I have key account responsibilities that require me to be proactive, and also responsive to the demands of our customers. And I have responsibility for developing our pet food business. This is a significant responsibility, however Essentia empowers its employees to succeed and offers significant resources and support when required. I love working for Essentia. It is all about the people, they are friends but more than that. They are like my family, I have known some of my colleagues for 20 years! It is a great place to work, you are a person not just an employee and you are valued.

"Freedom to take responsibility"

Charsten Vinther, Area Sales Manager
(employed since 1992)

My role as Sales Manager sees me working with a network of partners throughout selected markets in the food industry, as well as directly with multi-national end customers. I enjoy the fact that I communicate with people at many different levels, with our customers and partners. I appreciate that Essentia offers a sense of freedom for self-empowerment. For me that translates into an interesting work challenge where I create results and growth together with partners and customers around the world.

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