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Meet an employee

Read on and understand why our employees feel empowered to create unprecedented value and opportunities for our customers, and ultimately for us and for each individual. Here everyone has an obligation to contribute to making Essentia an interesting and engaging place to work.  

Below you can meet several truly committed employees and gain an insight into what it is like to work for Essentia.

"You are a person - not just an employee"

Rod Davies, Legislation & Applied Technology Manager
(employed since 1997)

My current role covers technical, commercial and legislative responsibilities. This gives me the opportunity to interact with many different strands of our industry making my job both challenging and rewarding. One day I can be presenting to a new prospective customer either in their facility or in ours, the next day running trials in their factory to improve their product. I have key account responsibilities that require me to be proactive, and also responsive to the demands of our customers. And I have responsibility for developing our pet food business. This is a significant responsibility, however Essentia empowers its employees to succeed and offers significant resources and support when required. I love working for Essentia. It is all about the people, they are friends but more than that. They are like my family, I have known some of my colleagues for 20 years! It is a great place to work, you are a person not just an employee and you are valued.

“Part of a team of multiple nationalities”

Carlos Zamorano Vera, Technical Specialist, Latin America
(employed since 2017)

Together with our distributors, I visit customers to promote, offer and advise on the use of our ingredients. Their needs are many and vary according to the country. I contribute with knowledge of local customs and legislation that governs each market. I appreciate the communication I have with my colleagues at the other Essentia offices. I feel there is always room for exchanging a message or a call for a cordial greeting despite the distance. Working in Essentia has allowed me to get familiar with different cultures and customs around the world. I am part of a great team of multiple nationalities, which further accentuates the global character of Essentia.

"Utilize my strengths to create innovative solutions"

Tyler Fogt, Research Scientist
(employed since 2013)

Working at Essentia has given me an opportunity to learn, grow, and develop a career in food research and development that I can be excited about. I can lead and contribute to projects that are meaningful to our business. And I am allowed the freedom to showcase and utilize my strengths to create innovative solutions. A career in R&D always offers more chances to learn and advance your knowledge. There are always opportunities to innovate, no two days are the same. Operating in lab, pilot plant, and production settings sees me take on different roles to keep things fresh. Part of my job is cultivating relationships with all other departments to communicate and understand ways to advance projects and priorities. It helps me learn and better understand the functions of all the teams that are required for this business to operate.

"Soft values are enforced and prioritizied"

Tina Morgen Madsen, Senior Group Quality Manager
(employed since 2017)

I am happy to work with Essentia, because I feel I have been given wide powers to lead my team as I want. This is only possible because we, as an organization, are very well supported by strong values and skilled employees. I feel respected for what I do as a leader. And I strive to provide my team with all the information they need. When I need help, there is a huge network of experts I can turn to and rely on for assistance. Everyone is eager to help. I believe it is important to focus on the joy and well-being of the employees, and I really think that the soft values are enforced and prioritized here at Essentia.

“A rewarding experience”

Li Feng, Head of Sales, China
(employed since 2012)

Since my employment, I have been the responsible person for the market development and product sales for China. It has been an absolutely rewarding experience for me and I feel lucky to be a part of Essentia. Every success brings me a little more confidence, every encouragement makes me happy, every positive encounter makes me more dedicated. I like the challenges I am given and I feel I still have personal potential to unlock. This is what motivates me. I enjoy working with people and hope to win even more friendships among colleagues and partners in the future. On my quest to grow sales I constantly learn new things. In Essentia I can do that.

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