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Summertime – and living is easy...

I love summertime more than anything. Knowing that summer is going to be there, is the only thing that gets me through winter. After months of lockdown, I guess we’re all longing somewhat harder to live our lives at its fullest and to be with our friends and dear ones – still at an appropriate distance, that is. This summer, my expectations are sky-high!  

To me, summertime equals enjoying life outside. I’ve banned indoor activities, so I’m not going to cook my own meals whenever the sun is out. Traditionally, convenience food is high in fat, sugar and salt, but this year I’ve found a huge assortment of high-quality snacks, deli products and meal kits in my local supermarket – they’re all well-prepared, highly satisfying and super healthy. 

I’m so excited that I’ll be able to eat healthy and still enjoy the benefits of an easy meal. 

Yesterday I met with Josie and Freddie for a picnic rendezvous in the local park. Freddie loves ham, so I decided to buy a selection of high-quality sandwiches. I’m not much of a pork meat eater myself, but ooh … those ham sandwiches were delicious. The nice rosy ham was as good as fat-free and the slices so thin you could practically look through them. I love all sorts of luxury – and to me, well-prepared food made with care and consideration for the right taste, visual appeal, and bite is one of the biggest luxuries I can think of. 

Enjoy your summer!   


About the author



My name is Essie, I live in the outskirts of Oslo in Norway with my 5-year-old corgi Eddie.

I work as a blogger and journalist.

Main interest:

  • My cutie of a dog; Eddie
  • Traveling the world learning more about food and culture


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