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Welcome to my summer garden

You know those people, who eat totally organic, who are self-sufficient and who appear to be in total balance with nature – well, I know I’m not that kind of person! …but maybe I could be – maybe just a bit.

I live in this cozy, little house with a tiny garden, and this made me think – maybe I could grow my own vegetables. And shortly after, I started carrying out this brilliant idea! It’s a step into being more self-sufficient and to continue my healthy lifestyle. Guess I will feel more motivated to eat my vegetables, when I can simply harvest them right outside my kitchen window.

One month into my career as a gardener, I’m quite impressed about the results– or, at least, now I can tell vegetables from weeds.

Today, all my hard work will pay off – I’m going to harvest my first vegetables, and I can hardly wait. Carrots, cabbage and squash are ready to be harvested, and I plan to prepare a lovely summer meal for me and my grandmother.

Recently, I read about flexitarians, who are trying to combine meat and vegetables. This caught my attention, and I discovered a whole range of hybrid products in my local supermarket, combining meat and plant-based ingredients. It sounded so trendy, I had to try it out. Therefore, today’s menu will be with lots of grilled vegetables from my own garden and sausages which are hybrids – think that it sounds like something from outer-space – but I am sure that they will taste and feel just as amazing as a home-cooked meal.

I am really pleased with these new findings, and, though I will maintain meat as a necessity in my diet, I realized that a combination of more vegetables and more hybrid products in the future is good for my health – but without compromising on flavor, taste, bite and simply the pleasures of eating meat in a home-cooked meal.


About the author



My name is Essie, I live in the outskirts of Oslo in Norway with my 5-year-old corgi Eddie.

I work as a blogger and journalist.

Main interest:

  • My cutie of a dog; Eddie
  • Traveling the world learning more about food and culture


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