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Slow-simmering in just a few minutes…

March took a turn I didn’t see coming. I quickly decided to self-quarantine in my apartment with Eddie as my only company.

Keeping up the healthy lifestyle takes a little extra effort now that I am tied up in my home. I did manage to put together my own at-home workout program, but I’m starting to get bored. Then again, it’s the only exercise I get these days apart from walking Eddie.

In the attempt to be super-efficient when going out to buy my groceries I’ve started eating all kinds of soup. It only takes a few basic ingredients and can be varied in so many creative ways. What’s not to like? And it’s super-healthy too.

My grandma gave me instructions about how I can cook a broth from scratch by slow-simmering meaty bones for hours, but ‘wow’ that’s some process. In the supermarket down the road, I found an excellent RTD chicken bone broth that I can combine with all my favorite vegetables and noodles. I’ve grown to like it a lot – it’s comforting on a cold spring day, very satisfying and nutritious too.

Next week I’ll try the beef version and maybe indulge myself with a delicious lobster bisque for my Saturday evening dinner – all by myself. By the end of the lockdown I feel certain that I’ll be a true ‘souping’ connoisseur.

Even Eddie gets excited when he smells the soup cooking on the stove. 


About the author



My name is Essie, I live in the outskirts of Oslo in Norway with my 5-year-old corgi Eddie.

I work as a blogger and journalist.

Main interest:

  • My cutie of a dog; Eddie
  • Traveling the world learning more about food and culture


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