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Bone broth and winter vibes

If you are anything like me during winter season, then you can relate to feeling tired and low on energy. Winter darkness makes me a bit grumpy and depressed - not at all my usual peppy self. But I’ve found a way to “get out of the soup”, so to speak.

Where I live, there are only few hours of daylight at this time of year. It’s dark outside early in the afternoon, and I miss daylight. But not this year! I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands. You know me – it must be healthy and nutritious and good for my body and mind.

Taking long walks is an important first addition to my “feel good marathon” - walking in the beautiful wild nature calms me down and is really soothing for my soul.

The next step is equally important, and I call it my secret weapon, as it will do the magic of boosting my energy from within! Please pay attention, here’s the solution... steaming hot beef bone broth. You’ll love the flavors and viscous mouthfeel. And the tastes are all-natural and so pure. Drinking it hot will warm you up from head to toe and the natural high level of collagen goes directly into your body and does good for your joints, muscles, bones and skin.

I purchased a container of quality bone broth powder - totally soluble in water, full of nutritious collagen and easy to add into my diet.

So easy to adapt and so amazing benefits for you. Eager to make your own test? Feel free to steal my energy-boosting recipe, tailor-made to gain more energy in long and dark winter seasons.

Until next time, take care of yourself and don’t forget to boost your energy.


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My name is Essie, I live in the outskirts of Oslo in Norway with my 5-year-old corgi Eddie.

I work as a blogger and journalist.

Main interest:

  • My cutie of a dog; Eddie
  • Traveling the world learning more about food and culture


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