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ExcelPro™ Plus Fat Marbling

ExcelPro™ Plus B Fat Marbling is a compound specially developed for fat marbling of lean beef meat. It works in combination with ProBase™ specialty fats from Essentia. Solutions for pork fat injection are also available.

The series consist of:

ExcelPro™ Plus B Fat Marbling (beef)
ExcelPro™ Plus P Fat Marbling (pork)

Mixing of ExcelPro™ Plus B Fat Marbling and a ProBase™ beef fat, creates a cold-gelling fat emulsion with a distinct beefy flavor.  Similar emulsion properties are available when using ExcelPro™ Plus P Fat Marbling with ProBase™ pork fat - resulting in a pleasant pork flavor. 

The description below focusses on ExcelPro™ Plus B Fat Marbling for beef, but please be aware that similar results can be obtained with the version for pork meat.

The injectable fat emulsion simulates the appearance of marbling and improves the palatability and tenderness of meat cuts. It prevents meat cuts from drying out or losing flavor during freezing.

The cold-gelling effect makes the emulsion behave exactly like natural flecks of fat found in meat muscles.

Depending on the injection equipment it is possible to create marbling patterns that fully simulates natural marbling. When the fat emulsion with ExcelPro™ Plus B Fat Marbling gets in contact with the chilled meat muscle it sets immediately. When the meat is chilled below the melting point of the fat, the marbling will take on the color of natural fat. When cutting the meat into slices/steaks the marbling effect will look very natural. The injected fat melts during frying in the same way as normal intramuscular fat would do.

In addition to a very realistic marbling effect, the injection of ExcelPro™ Plus B Fat Marbling and ProBase™ beef fat helps boost the flavor. As the mixed emulsion contains true beef fat and beef stock it provides the mouthfeel and beefy flavor notes you recognize from natural intramuscular fat.

Cuts with fat marbling tend to be more tender and to tolerate being cooked to a greater extend without getting dry or tough. Essentially, this emulsion lets you inject moisture right into the meat, which helps it stay moist and tender while cooked.

ExcelPro™ Plus B Fat Marbling is a compound containing cold-soluble carrageenan and beef stock powder.


  • Cold-gelling properties make the fat bind to the meat muscles immediately after injection
  • Natural taste and appearance
  • Behaves exactly like natural intramuscular fat when stored and cooked
  • Improves tenderness of the meat
Matching consumer trends
  • Natural origin
  • Non-GMO
Other benefits
  • Color similar to intramuscular fat
  • Exceptional emulsifying capacity

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Form Color Particle size
ExcelPro™ Plus B Fat Marbling Powder Pale cream Fine
ExcelPro™ Plus P Fat Marbling
Powder Pale cream Fine
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