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ScanPro™ T5000

ScanPro™ T 5000 is a premium product providing improved texture and appealing product appearance to any poultry application.
This is a turkey-based functional protein solution for a multitude of poultry applications that will give you clean label advantage in the ingredient list.

T 5000 is a fine powder that is easily dispersed into a water or brine. Water binding capacity is 1:12. The water binding capacity contributes to the improvement of the brine pickup and the retention in the injection process, furthermore it will contribute to increased yield in cooked meat products.

T 5000 has an exceptional gel-forming ability. When a gel is heated during its preparation, the gel is formed after the T 5000 suspension cools down.

The gel obtained, is firm and elastic, and is also stable in freeze/thaw processes. This attribute is ideal to improve the texture of deli meats for higher slicing yields.

ScanPro™ T-series a turkey-based functional protein
  • Improved appearance and enhanced eating experience
  • Improved texture and consistency
  • Increased yield
  • Reduced purge
  • Improved sliceability
  • Improved juiciness
Clean label ingredient
  • 100 % natural origin
  • Non-GMO
  • No known allergens
  • No E–numbers
Other benefits
  • Easy to use
  • Long shelf life
  • Microbiologically stable
  • Storage at ambient temperature

Disclaimer: The products promoted on this webpage are exclusively marketed and for sale in the Americas and selected Asian countries. Please, refer to our general disclaimer and your local Essentia sales representatives for more information about products and availability in your region.

Product details and sample ordering

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Protein Nx6.25 Water binding
Particle size
ScanPro™ T5000 78-84 % 1:8 Superfine powder
  • Emulsified products
  • Ground products
  • Injected and reformed products
  • Dried and fermented products
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