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ScanPro™ Functional Proteins

ScanPro, highly functional meat proteins available in chicken, pork and turkey. Finely ground, injectable, and highly functional protein ingredients that can improve yield, purge, texture, and sliceability in fresh and processed meat products.



  • C5505 Natural* Dehydrated Chicken Broth 
  • C5505 Natural* Dehydrated Chicken Broth (Organic)
  • P5505 Natural* Dehydrated Pork Stock
  • T5505 Natural* Dehydrated Turkey Broth

Disclaimer: The products promoted on this webpage are exclusively marketed and for sale in North America. Please, refer to our general disclaimer and your local Essentia sales representatives for more information about products and availability in your region.

Features and benefits


  • Clean label
  • 100% Natural
  • Phosphate alternative
  • Sodium reduction
  • Lean meat replacement
  • Reduced formulation costs
  • Improved texture and sliceability
  • Unique cold gelling capabilities
  • Brine retention & purge reduction


  • Hams
  • Deli meats / slicing logs
  • Injected & marinated fresh meat products
  • Fresh breakfast sausage
  • Bratwurst
  • Hot dogs / Bologna
  • Fresh and cooked sausage

Product details

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C5505 Natural Dehydrated  Chicken Broth Conventional Dehydrated Chicken Broth, Natural Flavor 73040 44.08lb./Box (20kg) >73.0% <25.0% <7.0%
C5505 Natural Dehydrated  Chicken Broth Organic Dehydrated Chicken Broth, Natural Flavor 73046 44.08lb./Box (20kg) 75.5% 23.4% 4.6%
P5505 Natural Dehydrated Pork Stock Conventional Dehydrated Pork Stock, Natural Flavor 75065 44.08lb./Box (20kg) 93-98% 9-14% <4%
T5505 Natural Dehydrated Turkey Broth Conventional Dehydrated Turkey Broth, Natural Flavor 72313 44.08lb./Box (20kg) 83.0% 17.4% 3.9%


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  • Hams
  • Deli meats / slicing logs
  • Injected & marinated fresh meat products
  • Bacon
  • Hot dogs / Bologna

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