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Authentic bone broth powders recognized for supporting a wide range of health benefits.

The consumer trend for health claims about bone broth is clear, people want high protein content, no allergens and no additives/preservatives, in other words a clean label product. This is exactly what OmniBroth™ products support.

The series consists of:

  • OmniBroth™ BBB
  • OmniBroth™ BBB Paste
  • OmniBroth™ BBB+
  • OmniBroth™ CBB
  • OmniBroth™ CBB Paste

Are you looking for our organic version click here.

Bone broth is rich in protein, collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin and key minerals. These vital nutrients support a wide range of health benefits.

OmniBroth™ is cooked with meaty bones from beef and chicken raw material, the same way as you cook homemade broth. After a dehydration process, it turns into a concentrated source of high-quality, nutritious and tasty powder ready to go directly into your recipe.


Bone broth is recognized for supporting 
  • Preservation of lean muscle and augmenting fat loss
  • Satiety enhancement
  • Improved bone strength and density
  • Gut health and digestion
  • Joint health and mobility
  • Increased skin hydration and elasticity
Clean label ingredient

  • Non-GMO
  • No additives or preservatives
  • No known allergens
  • Free from lactose, soy and gluten
Other benefits

  • Protein enrichment
  • Easy to digest
  • Rich in flavour

Recognized for supporting the following health benefits

Disclaimer: The products promoted on this webpage are not marketed nor for sale in North America. Please refer to our North American website if you are searching for stocks/broths available in this region. OmniBroth™ BBB Organic is organic standard according to the KRAV-label, Sweden. Please, refer to our general disclaimer and your local Essentia sales representatives for more information about products and availability in your region.

Did you know

that OmniBrothTM can be used in all of these applications?

Product details and sample ordering

Explore the product details and the typical applications they go into. Or fill in the order form, if you want to test one of these ingredients in your own facility.








OmniBroth™ BBB Halal > 95 % > 6 % < 3 % Pale cream
OmniBroth™ BBB Paste   > 43 % 40-43 % < 2 % Brown
OmniBroth™ BBB+   > 95 % > 6 % > 5 % Pale cream
OmniBroth™ CBB Halal 87-93 % 2-6 % <0.5 % Beige
OmniBroth™ CBB Paste   > 39% 43-46 % < 2 % Light brown


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