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Collagen peptides for boosting the nutritional value of your food and beverage products.

The series consists of:

  • OmniCol™ 110
  • OmniCol™ 120

In conjunction with a balanced diet and exercise regime, food and beverage products rich in collagen peptides support joint flexibility and muscular maintenance. Collagen peptides are also widely recognized for their ability to maintain healthy skin, hair and nails.

If you are looking for ways to increase the nutritional value of your food or beverage brand, OmniCol™ is an easy way to incorporate condition-specific health benefits in your final product.

OmniCol™ is pure protein (95 % protein) obtained through enzymatic hydrolysis of raw material full of collagen. The enzymatic hydrolysis results in a non-gelling product that dissolves fast and seamlessly in cold water.

It is rapidly absorbed by the organism and a great source of protein. Collagen is one of the most important and basic building blocks within the human cell.


Clean label ingredient
  • No known allergens
  • Free from lactose, soy, grain and gluten
  • 100 % natural origin
  • Non-GMO
  • Low in fat (<0.1 %)
  • No E-numbers
Other benefits
  • Great source of amino acids
  • Protein enrichment
  • Fully soluble in water
  • Contains bioavailable collagen

Disclaimer: Please, refer to our general disclaimer and your local Essentia sales representatives for more information about products and availability in your region.

Product details and sample ordering

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Fat content
Form and color Option
OmniCol™ 110 >95 % <0,1 % Creamy white, fine powder Halal
OmniCol™ 120 >98 % <0,1 % Creamy white, fine powder Halal
  • Protein shots and powder drinks
  • Ready-to-drink beverages
  • Bars (cereal and protein)
  • Confectionery and desserts
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Did you know

that OmniCol can be used in all of these applications?

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