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Fortify your pet food with proteins made from USDA inspected raw materials in human-grade production facilities.  These clean label, high protein, naturally rich in collagen ingredients are made in the USA with minimal processing using heat and water.  Conveniently available in beef, chicken, pork and turkey, they also carry the desirable broth label.  Whether you are looking to improve your label, nutrition, or palatability, choose from Essentia traditional Stocks, Broths, and Extracts, ProFlavor™ meaty flavors and aromas, or ScanPro™ functional proteins.

The series consist of: 

Stocks, Broths & Extracts: 

  • B1101 Frozen Natural* Beef Stock                 (Conventional & Organic)
  • B1301 Spray-Dried Natural* Beef Stock        (Conventional & Organic)
  • B1640 Dried Natural Beef Broth
  • B2301 Spray-Dried Natural* Beef Extract
  • C1101 Frozen Natural* Chicken Broth            (Conventional, Organic & NAE)
  • C1301 Spray-Dried Natural* Chicken Broth   (Conventional, Organic & NAE)
  • P1302 Spray-Dried Natural* Pork Stock
  • T1301 Spray-Dried Natural* Turkey Broth

Pork Protein Isolate

  • Spray-Dried Pork Protein Isolate


  • C5505 Natural* Dehydrated Chicken Broth    (Conventional, Organic & NAE)
  • P5505 Natural* Dehydrated Pork Stock
  • T5505 Natural* Dehydrated Turkey Broth


  • B3307 Beef Flavor (NON-GMO)
  • C3306 Chicken Flavor (NON-GMO)
  • P3307 Pork Flavor (NON-GMO)
  • T3306 Turkey Flavor (NON-GMO)



Disclaimer: The products promoted on this webpage are exclusively marketed and for sale in North America. Please, refer to our general disclaimer and your local Essentia sales representatives for more information about products and availability in your region.

Human-Grade pet food ingredients

Typical applications where Essentia products can make a difference

Wet Pet Food

Bone broth
Broth toppers
Wet pet food

Dry pet food and treats

Dried and chewy snacks
Dry kibble
Jerky treats
Meat sticks

Product details

Explore the product details and the typical applications they go into.

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