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Essentia Protein Solutions Announces Plans for Expansion

Essentia Protein Solutions announces plans to build a new broth manufacturing plant near Dalton, GA.

Signing ceremony in Bangkok, July 2022. Mr. Richard Parnell – VP Business and New Market Development, Essentia Protein Solutions (left) and Mr. Teeranut Rungsuwan – Managing Director of Thai Ento Food Company Limited (right).

Essentia launches highly nutritious and eco-friendly protein made from crickets

Essentia Protein Solutions is taking one small step towards securing future food supplies through its global launch of an edible cricket protein powder, targeting all sorts of protein-enriched foods, snacks, and supplements.

Essentia Human-Grade Stocks, Broths, & Flavors: Powering pets with protein

Essentia's human-grade stocks, broths, and flavors, a great ingredient choice for food applications, and also perfect for your pet. 

ProFlavor™ C3307 Chicken Flavor: higher protein, no salt added*

Essentia C3307 Chicken Flavor for rich, brothy and savory chicken notes that round out the flavor profile of your soup, sauce, gravy and meat applications.  

Increasing pepperoni throughput by adding Essentia Pork Stock

Pepperoni manufacturers looking to increase their plant throughput to meet the increase in demand for this popular pizza topping amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

High Fat Beef Broth Powder offering from Essentia Protein Solutions

Essentia B1640, Dried Natural Beef Broth Powder, for an easier way to incorporate beef fat into your formula, eliminate the fat plating step and reduce frozen shipping and storage costs.

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