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Message from our CEO

Covid-19 | coronavirus

The current coronavirus pandemic presents a challenge for the whole world, but one thing that remains unchanged is our need for a safe and continuous food supply.

We, at Essentia Protein Solutions, want to help the food industry maintain production of food products in this critical situation and we are dedicated to supporting our customers as much as we can to ensure an uninterrupted supply. Essentia employees work diligently to ensure we can supply the required products and services to our customers.

Our trusted suppliers continue to source raw materials in the required quantities while our customers ensure that food products get safely to consumers as quickly as needed.

Over the past weeks, we have taken several initiatives to protect our employees and to keep our operations running. All Essentia sites have implemented contingency measures to avoid the risk of spreading Covid-19 based on the recommendations of local health authorities. Our list of initiatives is long, and we will not hesitate to take further action, if needed. So far, our initiatives have worked as intended.

Our purpose to create a better business for our customers guides us on this journey. We are – more than ever – dedicated to service our customers and help ensure that food products can make their way to consumers around the world.

As we continue to work closely with our suppliers and customers, we feel assured that we will navigate these difficult times together. We will keep you informed on any significant changes, as and when events unfold. If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your Essentia contact or myself.

Best regards and stay safe!

Asger S. Jacobsen
President, CEO
Essentia International

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