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Animal protein producer Essentia launches hybrid protein ingredient

Essentia Protein Solutions is introducing a new functional hybrid into its range of ingredients – a new product consisting of functional pork and pea protein. Targeted at consumers seeking a partly plant-based diet, while keeping the flavors, the bite and the nutritional values of animal-based proteins.

With ExcelPro™ Plus PP 50, Essentia is offering meat processors an ingredient, which combines the best of two worlds: animal and plant into one ingredient. Essentially, it presents a functional ingredient option with a high capacity to bind water. Because it is heat-stable, ExcelPro™ Plus PP 50 will maintain all functionality both while heated and afterwards. Unique features for meat processors are improved yields while the products remain juicy and delicious.

The finished compound offers a clean label ingredient providing the ideal texture in various emulsified and ground meat products.

"We see a growing segment of consumers, who are trying to mix meat- and plant-based foods. ExcelProTM Plus PP 50 offers the perfect combination for meat products targeted at flexitarians, who are seeking the best of two worlds. At the same time, ExcelProTM Plus PP 50 is a brilliant meat replacer that can help meat processors improve yield – and eventually improve cost-in-use", explains Irene Plats from Essentia Protein Solutions and continues; "Hybrid products could pave the way for a new product range of mixed protein sources without compromising on the taste and textures consumers are familiar with and seeking to find on the shelves in the supermarkets."

Through the last 5 years, the market has displayed an increase in the number of people living as flexitarians. Consumers have adapted the principles into their daily living, into family- and business life, and they highly request high-quality products. With the new hybrid ingredient Essentia takes the first steps to help its customers tap into this trend.

With more than 40 years of experience, Essentia Protein Solutions is the global leader in animal-based proteins for the food industry.

ExcelProTM Plus PP 50 is not available in North America.

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