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Beyond Clean

Our Beyond Clean concept looks at measures we are taking to go beyond the conventional definition of clean label. Apart from not adding artificial and unwanted additives, we actively provide solutions that meet consumer desires for sustainability, low-calorie options and ingredients known to promote good health.

Transparency, sustainability and health are key promises that we aim to deliver on, helping our customers meet the growing consumer expectations for a cleaner label. Our ingredient range features minimally processed ingredients of purely natural origin. We do not add anything to our ingredients and only apply mechanical and thermal processing.

A healthy alternative to many unwanted ingredients

Not only do our products contain no known allergens, they also have unique functional attributes. This means some of our product ranges can be used as healthy alternatives to other ingredients that are falling out of favor among today’s consumers, such as sodium phosphate, palm oil and artificial flavors.

A sustainable foundation

Essentia Protein Solutions is built on a sustainable foundation that began 40 years ago when we extracted the first proteins from meat, bone and blood raw materials, then perceived as low-valuable by-products. We stay true to our sustainable heritage and constantly look at ways to reach higher yields using less energy.


  • No known allergens
  • No additives
  • Non-GMO
  • Nothing added
  • Clean process
  • Highest food safety standards


  • Derived from natural raw materials
  • Turning something basic into its most valuable form
  • With care and consideration of people, environment and business


  • Adding essential amino acids
  • Adding bioavailable collagen
  • Low carb + low fat
  • Free from gluten, soy and lactose

Clean label is closely connected to a lifestyle shift among consumers who are now more concerned than ever with their personal health and wellbeing. With our Beyond Clean concept we aim to highlight the fact that our ingredients are not only free from a long list of unwanted additives, allergens and unhealthy ingredients, and that they add to the health benefits of many food and beverage products. Apart from adding to the texture and taste, our proteins provide bioavailable collagen and essential amino acids, not only to traditional sports nutrition products, but to all sorts of everyday food.

With our heightened focus on transparency we want to support our customers, the food manufacturers, in reinforcing the trust between them and consumers. Ultimately, we want consumers to be able to understand the natural origin of our ingredients and the health benefits they provide.

A cleaner concept for your next brand

The surge of interest for clean food is increasing at an unprecedented speed. At Essentia we want to help our customers tap into these opportunities. That is why we are pleased to invite you to a co-creation seminar, where we look at ways for you to use our clean label ingredients as a roadmap to more premium and value added products.

Get in touch

Contact us to learn more about our meat-based proteins and how we can help clean up your label, add appealing features to your food or beverage product or improve the nutritional value of your brand. Let Essentia Protein Solutions help you reach your goals.