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Elevating the nutritional value

One of the leading trends is consumers' ever-growing focus on labeling - in particular on clean label ingredients and healthy nutrients. According to Innova Market Insights, product launches positioned as "Added protein" has grown with 591 percent globally from 2014 to 2018 when looking across all food and beverage categories. This massive growth leaves plenty of opportunities for enriching food and beverage products that are not usually categorized or perceived as rich in protein.

Enrichment of all types of food products

To meet the growing demand for healthy products and high quality energy sources, we suggest you find the ideal protein source for enrichment of your specific product - whether existing or new. Consider what it would mean to your brand and business, if it was promoted with an improved nutritional composition. The range of protein enriched products is growing with a great focus on fortification of everday food. 

If a meat product for example, is declared as containing a high level of protein, it is assumed by many consumers to be more healthy. When it comes to snacks and meal replacers such as bars, shakes, and beverages consumers' focus on a high protein content is even greater. For these products you have multiple options when it comes to leveraging the protein level.

Upgrade your food product to get the highest protein ranking

With a few clicks you can see what amount of protein you need to add in order to label your product as either:

Source of protein

At least 12 % of the energy level in the product has to be derived from protein

High in protein

At least 20 % of the energy level in the product has to be derived from protein


At least 12 % of the energy level in the product has to be derived from protein OR the product must contain 30 % more protein in g/100g than the original product. 

Classifications in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006.

Using the Essentia Nutritional Calculator will help you realize exactly how much protein you need to add in order to re-position your product to a higher protein ranking.

By providing just the Protein, the Fat and the Carbohydrate content from your “back of pack” we can quickly establish the % level of energy derived from protein for your specific product. Using these basic nutritional data, the calculator determines what is required to upgrade your food or beverage product to a higher protein classification according to Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006 that regulates the labeling of food as Source of protein, High in protein or Enriched.

Watch the video and see how easy it's done.

Disclaimer - The products listed in the Calculator are not for sale in North America. Please, refer to our general disclaimer and your local Essentia sales representatives for more information about products and availability in your region.