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A recent trend in food innovation is hybridised products, where animal-derived and plant-derived ingredients merge to form a new hybrid. A recent study1 convincingly demonstrates that the health benefits associated with intake of dietary fibres are obtained when those fibres are incorporated into meat products. This offers a favourable potential for developing health-promoting products without cutting back on meat. Read on and find more inspiration on how you can make meat products even more attractive for the health-conscious consumer.

At our Tasting Bar at IFFA 2019 we served a number of applications that match the top 5 global consumer trends on meat products - click below and find out how you can tap into these opportunities.

Even though meat consumption continues to escalate on a global scale, we are witnessing a shift in consumer desires for meat products. The demand for healthy and natural meat products is growing, but how can meat products become even more attractive from a nutritional perspective?

While strong demand for healthy and natural products opens up new opportunities for the meat industry, it also brings challenges. Consumers do not want their products to change, but the restriction on ingredient usage is indeed a big challenge for many meat brands.

The Essentia range of natural, meat-based ingredients holds some of the solutions towards healthier meat products.

Click here for more information about meat reformulation.

1: Bertram HC, Jakobsen LMA. 2018

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