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5 ways to improve your dried salami

Whatever your motivation, here are 5 ways for you to improve the competitiveness of your dried salami.

Dried salami still enjoys huge popularity across the world, however a top 15 list of countries with most salami launches over the last 5 years shows that Europe and the U.S. are leading when it comes to bringing new salami choices to consumers.

Dried and fermented salami is an ancient invention coupled with strong and valued traditions. Nowadays consumers are turning towards natural and free-from options. Gluten free, no additives/preservatives, lactose free, GMO free and organic are the top 5 health claims on dried salami product launches on a global scale (Innova Market Insights, 2014-2020). The category includes everything from traditionally crafted salamis to a wide range of processed snacking options.

1. Reduced maturing time

In dried salami moisture loss is the objective. Using functional proteins with a high water-holding capacity will help "remove" water and thus lower moisture content and water activity. During the fermentation process you will experience an efficient loss of moisture as the proteins contract and expel water. Consequently, this results in reduced maturing time leading to a need for less curing capacity and a faster throughput – and all together substantial cost savings.

2. Increase the protein content

Almost 1/3 of global salami snack launches over the last 2 years hold a High/Source of protein claim (Innova Market Insights, 2020). Using the basic nutritional data from your back-of-pack, the Essentia Nutritional Calculator can help you determine what is required to upgrade your dried salami product to a higher protein classification according to Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006 that regulates the labeling of food as Source of protein, High in protein or Enriched. Get answers right away.

3. Same delectable texture as that of real meat

Adding functional proteins with strong gelling properties can help you increase the yield of your dried salami while improving the texture and mouthfeel. Essentia’s functional meat-based proteins (beef or pork) will leave you with a more stable product in tune with consumer demands for clean label ingredients. Whether you are adding the rehydrated proteins on top of your recipe or replacing parts of the meat, your customers will experience the same delectable texture as that of real meat.

4. Cost savings

Proteins are widely used in many salami types where an emulsion of protein and water are added in order to reduce the formulation cost. Using ScanPro™ 1015/F lets you substitute e.g. 5 % of the production meat in a salami/pepperoni by protein and water in a hydration ratio of 1:3 without changing the analytical values of the meat. The proteins help provide a better cost-in-use and a dry and chewy texture.

5. Natural pigment for color adjustment of your salami

AProRed™ intensifies the coloring of your dried salami and lets you acquire a meat-authentic and smoked look without adding food colorants. AProRed™ is a natural micro-granulated meat pigment derived from pork blood used to improve the perception of lean meat. The great advantage of AProRed™ is that it only colors muscle tissue and not fat. Therefore, it is the perfect choice for applications consisting of mixed tissues like salami. Also, AProRed™ allows you to mix differently pigmented meats – even different types of meat – as it will stabilize the color of the overall product. In that way you are able to reduce the cost of the final product.

  • Reduces the smoking time due to fast development in smoked products
  • Replaces other food colorants
  • Enhances the meat color and gives the final product a more natural color appearance
  • Never colors the visible fat in the final product
  • Better color stabilization in dried and fermented sausages due to lower pH

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