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5 ways to upgrade your next seafood product to premium

5 ways to upgrade your next seafood product to premium

Use our range of premium quality fish stocks to enhance your savory products. Our ProBase™ seafood range is produced in Denmark and consists of a series of stocks supplied as either pastes or spray-dried powders (only a limited selection of ingredients is available in powder form). They are produced in Denmark and originate from plaice, cod, mussel and lobster, and they are of premium quality, setting a clear taste direction of the chosen specie.

1. Premium ingredient in every shipment

This series of authentic fish stocks can support your development of high-quality seafood products with a pure taste of fresh fish. ProBase™ fish stocks are produced at our factory in Denmark using the finest raw materials from wild catch – your guarantee of a premium ingredient in every shipment.

2. Upgrade to MSC

Our range of seafood ingredients are available with an MSC certification – ensuring healthy oceans and safeguarding seafood supplies for the future. MSC is a recognized benchmark for sustainable fishery.

All species in our ProBase™ seafood range are available as MSC-certified.

3. Rich and powerful lobster base for your bisque – when convenience is key and quality a necessity

Creating a tasteful stock for your lobster bisque requires hours of work and preparation, but our ProBase™ Lobster is an ideal and convenient choice when creating a creamy, rich and powerful lobster bisque, adding the desired full-bodied mouthfeel and lobster taste to your special recipe.

4. Pure and strong taste profile

Our ProBase™ seafood range is unique, as it is richer, more robust and intense in taste than most other fish stocks. It is made from natural raw materials of premium quality and contains no additives, and therefore it supports you with the highest quality ingredients.

5. Choose your favorite specie

The range of ProBase™ fish stocks originates from plaice, cod, mussel and lobster and the series is available as easy-to-use pastes (selected ingredients come as spray-dried powders). It sets a clear direction in taste and easily lets you recognize the chosen specie. Enrich your savory products with our premium stocks and taste the difference yourself.

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ProBase™ fish stock

Contributes with a basic taste as well as a specific top note flavor in any savory system

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Soup applications

Explore the possibilities of using our stocks and specialty fats in your soup application. The range offers basic flavor direction and excellent solutions to make up the perfect building blocks for many soup