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Unique functionality and better product appearance

Whatever the injected meat product - whole hams, bacon, smoked and/or cooked products, and reformed meats - there are different types of Essentia solutions for different products and injection levels. Some are ideal for high extended hams, and others are highly suitable for phosphate-free/low-phosphate products.

The main purpose of adding protein is in the unique functionality because of the ability to bind water. It can also reduce purge in the end products, generally, the less purge in a product, the longer the shelf life, and it gives better product appearance in consumer packaging.

The proteins also improve the texture of the finished product and influence the eating quality and sliceability. A firmer texture combined with a better cohesion between the ham muscles will give better sliceability and result in less slicing loss.
Essentia proteins are easy to work with and dissolve into brines during agitation. They can be added together with other ingredients as single ingredient, or as a ready-to-use compound.

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