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All content and information presented on the Essentia website and in our printed material is for general information purposes only and does not in any way constitute any warranty, guarantee, advice or recommendation and should not be used as basis for any decision or action. Further, the information provided is not to be considered as a license or permission of any kind to use or infringe intellectual property rights of Essentia or any third party. While all reasonable care has been made to ensure that the information provided is accurate and reliable at the time of issue, Essentia makes no representation as to its accuracy or completeness. Essentia is the sole proprietor of all information used on the website. The information may be downloaded, copied and used for individual purposes as well as distributed to a third party as long as the information is not changed, modified or altered in any way, including in such a way that it may be assumed to derive from another sender than Essentia. Any use of the website and the information provided is at the user's own risk and account.

Product disclaimer

At the time of issue, this information is presented for consideration in the belief that it is accurate and reliable. No warranty, either expressed or implied is made and no freedom from liability from patents, trademarks, or other limitations should be inferred. Any data listed is based upon typical results from reference samples and is averages only, and such information is not to be considered as guarantees or as a condition of sale. Furthermore, we acknowledge that the crossing of species can be either legally prohibited or ethically incorrect. We disclaim responsibility regarding disputes or complaints based on cross-species contamination in the consumer end product as well as on labelling issues, including but not limited to the user's wrongful use of the products. It is further the user’s responsibility to make tests to ensure that the products will work in the actual process and that the use of the products is correct and in accordance with existing legislation.