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Clean label ingredients

Elevating the attractiveness of food through added functionality, taste, and nutrition

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Optimize meat processing, sensory qualities,
and nutritional value with premium ingredients


Exploring fresh opportunities for your meat enterprise

For more than five decades, our meat-based proteins have enhanced the operations of meat processors. Beyond enhancing texture and bite, these functional proteins exhibit impressive water and fat binding capabilities, increasing yields in injected and mixed-in products. Their water retention minimizes purge, reduces water activity, and extends shelf life.

Elevate your meats!


Taste, mouthfeel and authenticity 

Our savory ingredient range is produced through traditional methods, involving the cooking of natural animal-derived raw materials. These flavorful stocks are available in concentrated pastes and powders, offering exceptional versatility and convenience. They exhibit organoleptic properties, providing meaty background notes with prolonged retention time, making them an ideal foundation for various culinary applications.

Experience savory excellence


Incorporating more protein into modern diets

In today's global marketplace, the growing consumer interest in overall health has led individuals to actively seek ways to incorporate more protein into their daily diets. While higher protein consumption has traditionally been linked to bodybuilders and youths aiming to build muscle, people now acknowledge the diverse health benefits of protein, irrespective of gender, age, or lifestyle. In addition to delivering these essential health and fitness advantages, our clean label collagen-rich protein solutions are easy to incorporate into all sorts of fortified bars, snacks, meal replacers, powder mixes, and RTD options.

Explore collagen-rich proteins


A budget-friendly solution for the production of a dairy analog

Our versatile functional ingredients can be used to replace milk protein, preserving key qualities such as melting point, stretchiness, and firmness in cheese analog.

This range of functional ingredients has gelatin-like features that provide users with true cost-in-use efficiency, exceptional emulsifying properties, delightful mouthfeel, effective purge reduction, and enhanced texture in yogurts, dips, and desserts.

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Fine-tune your pet treat recipe

Revitalize your pet treats with Essentia's premium meat-based clean label ingredients. They are human-grade solutions produced to provide essential nutrients, increase yield, and deliver irresistible flavors from pork, beef, chicken, and fish raw materials.

These ready-to-use ingredients seamlessly integrate into kibble, treats like jerky and biscuits, or canned products—perfect for satisfying the appetites of both cats and dogs. Take advantage of our premium-quality ingredients and discover the positive impact they can bring to your brand

Elevate pet treats



Optimizing your formulation

Begin your journey by exploring our applications library for inspiration on how you can enhance your recipe with Essentia ingredients

Your goals are within reach

Make the path to your objectives easier

Whether you are looking to clean up your label, add appealing attributes to your food or beverage product, or improve the nutritional value of your brand, Essentia Protein Solutions can help you reach your goals.
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