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Our story

Important milestones throughout our history

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Our story

Dive into the story of our background for a glimpse at how it all started, and how we got to the innovative solutions that make us the ingredient company we are today.



Production of animal proteins derived from pork rind launches in close partnership with a UK-based company. Protein solutions are targeted at the meat industry under the brand Protein Foods owned by Peter Holm/Danexport (later BHJ).

The production facility in Graasten (Denmark) is built and opens in 1981 initially as a joint venture. UK partner’s share is bought later by BHJ


Intensive internationalization of the company during the 80s and 90s through worldwide establishment of subsidiaries and distributor network.

North America


LGI Inc. establishes Proliant Meat Ingredients, a valuable supplier of meat stocks, broths and flavors to leading food developers worldwide.



Acquisition of the production facility in Hobro (Denmark) from Grindsted Products (Danisco), where functional and high-functional proteins derived from pork rind are still being manufactured. Back in 1991 the plant also produced soup stocks from bones.


Protell Foods is established – a joint venture between Protein Foods Scandinavia and Ellco Food for the manufacture of soup stocks in Sweden. Processing equipment from Hobro is moved to Ellco Food in Stidsvig (Sweden).

Protell Foods

Protell Foods acquires Marrow Meats, an Irish producer of soup stocks. The plant closes and production moves to Stidsvig (Sweden).



LGI Inc. acquires BHJ A/S.


Acquisition of Ellco Food (Sweden), a joint venture partner owned by Swedish Quality Meat. As well as the joint venture activity in Protell Foods, Ellco Food manufactures edible fats, meat and bone meal, and edible greaves, and it processes edible blood to plasma and hemoglobin.


Acquisition of Danexport Rus, a sales and distribution company in Russia distributing ScanPro™ products. This leads to the establishment of our sales subsidiary in Russia.


Major investment in the production facility in Hobro (Denmark) including a fourth production line for ScanPro™ T 95, a state-of-the-art fully automated packing and palletizing line, and a new warehouse.

New warehouse Hobro



Sales office and facility in Argentina is established.


BHJ Ingredients acquires CAP Protein in France from Diana (now Symrise). CAP Protein is a producer of high functional proteins from pork skin.

North America


LGI Inc. commissions The Lab in Ankeny (USA) occupying 20,600 sq. feet covering pilot kitchen, conference and training rooms.

The Lab, Ankeny


Construction commences on stocks and broth plant in Harlan. Production starts 2014.

Harlan Plant


North America/International


Merger between three significant protein producers owned by LGI Inc. - Proliant Meat Ingredients, Proliant Health, and BHJ Ingredients.


Merging companies launched under one new brand, Essentia Protein Solutions.

Acquisition of Hojmark Group A/S, a fish protein research center including the production facility Danish Fish Protein A/S that manufactures stocks derived from cod, lobster, plaice and mussel.


Acquisition of Scanflavour A/S, a leading protein manufacturer of meat-based protein solutions for the meat and dairy sectors.

Acquisition of Bensa/Prowico/Hewico, a group of production and distribution companies within functional ingredients and collagen peptides

North America/International


Huge expansion and modernization of the soup stock facility in Stidsvig (Sweden) delivering a 100% capacity expansion for the extraction process.


Essentia NA is building a new broth manufacturing plant near Dalton, GA. The greenfield plant will process USDA-inspected, refrigerated raw material to produce food-grade stocks, broths, and fats.  The new plant will increase Essentia’s capacity and capabilities for value-added, protein ingredients for human food and nutrition markets. 


In the move towards contributing to a sustainable future, Essentia is launching a dedicated department tasked with translating its commitment to sustainability into tangible targets and impactful programs. This strategic initiative underscores Essentia’s proactive approach to addressing global sustainability challenges.