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Dryer Workers 800X600

Innovation Centers

Customer-driven innovation

Our customers are the most important source of market insights when it comes to developing new exciting ingredients in line with consumer demands. Our Innovation Centers offer the ideal platform for our research and development specialists to team up with customers. And the insights captured by pairing customers’ experts with our own protein specialists help bring the best solutions to market.

The application teams running our five Innovation Centers all share a background in food manufacturing, either as food technologists, chefs or scientists. Together with our sales and marketing teams - who capture culinary trends and demographic insights - they help our customers to explore the functionality of our ingredient solutions.

At our five Innovation Centers we provide access to fully equipped pilot kitchens where a team of experts help you establish the framework for your next new development. Hands-on trials and relevant knowledge exchange between your specialists and our experts could easily be the first step in building an even better business for your brand. We work continuously with world-renowned academics within relevant fields of research to help us stay on the edge of future ingredient innovations.

Since our foundation, we have earned a reputation as market leaders in advanced meat-based proteins across various industries within the food sector. That is why we continue to invest in new manufacturing platforms to drive product and process innovation in a more sustainable and cost-efficient manner.

As well as customized innovation sessions, we offer a range of seminars where we provide training in the use of our ingredients and how they tap into global food trends.