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Below you can meet several truly committed employees and gain an insight into what it is like to work for Essentia.
Plant Worker NA 800X600
Plant Worker NA 800X600

Here is what some of our skilled and dedicated employees have to say

Read on and understand why our employees feel empowered to create unprecedented value and opportunities for our customers, and ultimately for us and for each individual. Here everyone has an obligation to contribute to making Essentia an interesting and engaging place to work.
Erik 800X600

Erik Johnson

Mechanical Engineer
(employed since 2014)

"A very rewarding job"

My primary role is, project design and implementation, but that is far from the scope of opportunities and experiences I have been involved with, while working at Essentia. Projects range from in-house safety and process improvement projects to new facility layout and design. There is always something new and exciting to work on.

Working at Essentia has given me the exciting opportunity to be hands on with all aspects of my job.  The challenge of coming up with a solution, seeing it come together and make a difference is very rewarding. I have developed close working relationships and friendships with the entire Essentia team and the extended LGI family which makes it enjoyable to work for this company.

"Easy and fulfilling to learn something new everyday"

I work in Quality, Regulatory and Technical Service in a role that is all about support, service and collaboration driven by science and data.  I work closely with our plants and laboratories to support production needs, provide analysis to drive decision making, and troubleshoot to develop solutions.  We collaborate to solve technical issues, answer technical inquiries, and strive for continuous improvement. I have been empowered with the freedom to develop and deep dive into projects grounded in science and data. As a Food Scientist, it is so gratifying to see Essentia ingredients in products purchased to nourish families knowing that I was able to play a role in bringing those products to the shelves.

As an industry leader in stocks and broths, Essentia is a small company where everyone knows each other, especially at the Global Corporate Headquarters, which makes for a friendly workplace. It makes working with colleagues easy and there is always someone to consult with. My work varies from day to day which keeps things interesting. I am a lifelong learner, so it’s easy and fulfilling to learn something new every day at Essentia.

Teresa 800X600

Teresa Busch

Scientist II, Quality, Regulatory and Technical Service
(employed since 2014)