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High Fat Beef Broth Powder offering from Essentia Protein Solutions

Flavor Meatloaf
Flavor Meatloaf

Ankeny, IA – Already positioned as an innovative leader in protein ingredients, Essentia Protein Solutions has launched an expansion to its line of multi-species Broths, Stocks and Fats to include a High Fat Beef Broth Powder.  Currently available in conventional form, this new high fat beef broth broadens Essentia’s line of clean label ingredients.

Try Essentia B1640, Dried Natural Beef Broth Powder, for an easier way to incorporate beef fat into your formula, eliminate the fat plating step and reduce frozen shipping and storage costs. All the advantages of added body, mouthfeel, and full fat flavor are maintained, but in a simplified powder format with a clean and simple label:  Beef broth, natural flavor (rosemary extract). 

“This versatile high fat beef broth powder is a great tool when developing dairy free and allergen free applications as it can contribute a creamy broth color and rich fat flavor and mouthfeel to soups, sauces, gravies, or nutritional drinks.  It is also a great fit in keto-friendly formulas where higher fat levels are desired in an easy-to-use powdered format,” says Kim Peterson, Sr. Manager, Applications at Essentia Protein Solutions.

B1640, Dried Natural Beef Broth Powder is just the newest addition to Essentia’s full line of traditional multi-species stocks, broths, and flavors (available in beef, chicken, turkey, and pork). These clean-label proteins are utilized in not only food and savory applications like soups, sauces, gravies, prepared foods and nutritional products but also in meat applications like pepperoni, hot dogs, deli items and fresh meats. 

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