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Clean Label Protein Solutions

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Whole Chicken 800X600

Clean Label Trend in Food Production

Clean label has been one of the biggest trends in the food industry in recent years. Calling for using natural or familiar ingredients that are easy to recognize and understand, with no artificial or synthetic ingredients. Market research shows, that more than a quarter of global launches of new products, carry a clean label claim. Essentia provides many different animal protein solutions for all your clean label needs.

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Essentia Stocks and Broths

Conveniently available in powders or frozen liquid, Essentia Stocks and Broths are 100% natural products derived from simply cooking bones with adhering meat. No MSG, salt or other ingredients are added to these ultra-clean label products. Available in beef, chicken, pork, and turkey they can advantageously be labeled as a bone broth, broth, or stock.  Containing 90-99% protein and naturally occurring collagen, these powdered broths also pack a nutritional punch.


ScanPro™ is a line of highly functional meat proteins that can be used as a clean label phosphate alternative in many meat applications like deli meats, fresh injected chicken, and hams. These functional meat proteins are a natural phosphate alternative that work well to bind water, improve sliceability, improve texture firmness, and reduce purge. The ScanPro™ line of products have a very simple and clean label of dehydrated stock/broth and natural flavor.


ProFlavor™ is a range of complete flavor solutions that can be used as a clean label alternative to umami or flavor enhancing ingredients like MSG, hydrolyzed plant proteins, and autolyzed yeasts.  These savory flavors contribute roasted, meaty notes to any application and with an ingredient declaration of stock/broth, flavor, salt, you can clean up and simplify your final ingredient statement.

If you are looking to clean up your brand, or to launch clean label products, Essentia Protein Solutions provides a wide range of meat-based ingredients that will meet your requirements. Whether your needs lie towards providing clean authentic flavors, natural nutritional enhancement, or the improvement of the quality of your foods, our products will help you deliver the clean label you are looking for.


Source: Innova Market Insights, 2020