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ProFlavor™ Broth Based Flavors

Chicken Bone Broth 800X600
Chicken Bone Broth 800X600

Clean Label & Cost-Effective

Essentia ProFlavor™ products are cost-effective, clean label alternatives to HVP, AYE, or MSG. Available in Beef, Chicken, or Pork, these concentrated broths are further reacted into savory, meat flavors with flavor and salt enhancing properties. The ProFlavor™ line helps maximize flavor and color with minimal cost!

Features & Benefits:

  • Protein-based meat flavor
  • Clean label
  • Cost-effective
  • Enhances savory notes
  • Adds browned meat color in prepared meats
  • Allergen free / Dairy free / Gluten free

Typical Applications:

  • Broths, soups, sauces, gravies
  • Seasoning blends / marinades
  • Prepared foods
  • Snack foods
  • Jerky, snack sticks and meat snacks
  • Sous vide style cooked meats

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