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Ownership and sister companies

Making the most of the reassurance of being a part of something bigger

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Ownership and sister companies

Essentia Protein Solutions, owned by the Lauridsen Group Incorporated (LGI), is the result of a merger between three significant protein specialists - BHJ Ingredients, Proliant Meat Ingredients and Proliant Health. The merger took place in 2013 and shortly after the three companies were branded under the Essentia Protein Solutions name.

LGI owns a collection of seven independent companies, each dedicated to discovering and producing products to enhance health and nutrition. From a modest start in 1916 in Dedham, Iowa, LGI has grown into a worldwide company with more than fifty manufacturing and sales locations in twenty countries.

Each company has the ability and the charge to be entrepreneurial, to seek out new markets, to develop new products and applications, and – above all - to discover new ways to add value through fractionation and novel application.

When doing business with Essentia, not only do you draw on our specific competencies, you draw on the total market strength of all companies under the LGI umbrella.

Strong together

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APC is the recognized global leader in plasma protein fractionation and applications research for feed and industrial use. Since 1981, APC has been proud to provide customers in the swine, poultry, companion animal and aquaculture industries with high quality functional proteins.

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A global company that sources, processes and distributes meat and fish raw materials for the food, pet food and pharmaceutical industries. BHJ continually upgrades these raw materials to create value in the meat and fish industry.

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By processing poultry by-products, Boyer Valley Company supplies feather meal, poultry by-product meal, blood meal and pure poultry fat. The company serves the pet food and animal feed industries with high-quality proteins and the fertilizer industry with high-nitrogen fertilizer.

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Entera Health is a nutritional ingredient company dedicated to improving the quality of life and vitality of people worldwide through their use of plasma proteins. Our mission is to partner with global consumer health and wellness manufacturers, to provide innovative ingredients that improve the purity and potency of their nutritional brands.

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Proliant is a world-leading provider of Fraction V Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) in a variety of grades. The high-purity plasma fractions are made available to diagnostic, biopharmaceutical and research customers world-wide.

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Proliant Dairy Ingredients manufactures cost-effective dairy solids with extreme focus on customer service support and stringent quality control standards. It manufactures VersiLac® and Proliant™ 1000 – whey permeate that are an excellent source of dairy solids in food and feed applications with excellent functionality, at a lower cost than other dairy ingredients.