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Pet food and treats

Enhance pet treats with 100% animal-based, clean label products. They are free of all known allergens and provide vital nutrients, improved yield, and a better chew. Our ingredients deliver human-grade collagen peptides for an extra boost in nutrition. Tasty stocks and broths with meaty flavors cater to palatability, and high protein functionality enriches your pet brand with texture, structure, yield, and elasticity.

Boost your pet treats with great flavor and vital nutrients
Meat-based flavors and nutritious proteins are applied to pet food and pet treat products for a variety of reasons. Essentia’s entire range offers 100% animal based clean label products, free from grain, gluten, dairy, soy and sugar.

Apart from supporting the immune system, they add certain texture characteristics to treats for dogs and cats. Importantly, Essentia’s product range fulfils the top three requirements for any pet treat - vital nutrients, improved yield and a better chew.

Nutrition is important for any dog or cat and collagen peptides can boost the nutritional value of pet food and treats. Palatability is a huge focus and this range of tasty stocks and broths derived from pork, beef, chicken and fish offer the meaty flavors pets respond to.
And the high functionality of proteins adds a range of characteristics to your pet brand, e.g. texture, structure, yield and elasticity.