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Ready meals

Great authentic taste

If you’re looking for taste solutions that provide perfect building blocks to enhance flavor and boost your savory products taste, then look no further.

They feature stocks and fats that make excellent building blocks for the creation of an authentic flavor profile, and they possess great attributes that stimulate the senses in ways that make them ideal for application in a variety of ready meals.

All stocks and fats can be added in the processing line and as an ingredient in savory mixes and blends.

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Uncover benefits for your ready meals

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Ready meals
  • Process/recipe upgrade

    Process/recipe upgrade

    • Excellent building blocks for the creation of an authentic flavor profile
    • Fully soluble in water
    • Easy to use
  • Consumer trust

    Consumer trust

    • 100 % natural origin
    • No known allergens
    • Organic
  • Sensory boost

    Sensory boost

    • Adds body and richness
    • Well-balanced flavor profile
    • Improved mouthfeel