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Welcome to this game-changer for numerous producers of savory goods, as it is a convenient method to incorporate top-notch ingredients crafted through traditional techniques, saving you from the laborious and time-consuming processes—we handle that for you.

ProBase™ stocks and fats are perfect for adding depth and different layers to soups and bouillons. They provide a basic flavor direction and are an excellent solutions to make up the perfect building blocks for many savory products. They play a crucial role by enhancing mouthfeel, enriching taste, and ensuring a satisfying culinary experience. Together, they create a harmonious balance that elevates the overall quality of the final product.  

Producers of soups and similar savory applications will also appreciate the other benefits and claims that come from using the range.

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Uncover benefits for your soups

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  • Process/recipe upgrade

    Process/recipe upgrade

    • Excellent building blocks for the creation of an authentic flavor profile
    • Removes the hassle of cooking bones
    • Fully soluble in water
  • Consumer trust

    Consumer trust

    • Can be labelled as stock, broth or bouillon
    • 100 % natural origin
    • Organic
  • Sensory boost

    Sensory boost

    • Intensified umami
    • Adds body and richness
    • Boosts the final product’s own taste

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