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On-the-go foods

Nutritious and healthy

The market for on-the-go products is increasing, as is the wide assortment available for consumers, demanding healthy, nutritious and tasteful on-the-go-products. The competition is hard, and every detail in food production is important.

When looking at both functionality and cost-in-use, there are advantages of adding protein ingredients to your special recipe. We offer functionalities in flavor, protein enrichment, meat extension and enhanced structure - all perfect for the quick snack.

We recommend the use of OmniCol™ or Hydro BEEF™ for your premium food products.

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Uncover benefits for your on-the-go foods

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On-the-go foods
  • Recipe upgrade

    Recipe upgrade

    • Protein enrichment
    • Allows for re-positioning as healthy/high in protein
    • Allows for re-positioning as healthy/high in collagen
  • Consumer trust

    Consumer trust

    • Free from lactose, soy, grain and gluten
    • 100 % natural origin
    • No E-numbers
  • Nutrition access

    Nutrition access

    • Promotes condition-specific health benefits
    • Low in fat
    • No sugar