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Bone broth

A nutritional powerhouse offering an array of health benefits

Unlock a world of well-being with bone broth—rich in collagen, it supports claims to inner and outer wellness. Packed with amino acids, it aids digestion and promotes a healthy gut. This versatile restorative complements numerous health foods, enhancing their nutritional profile.

As it has many possible applications, it will surely provide a healthy and flavorful boost to your product. Whether consumed as part of a dish, incorporated into health-promoting foods, used as a base for smoothies, or enjoyed as a warming drink on its own, bone broth offers a nourishing option. Its adaptability makes it an invaluable addition to various health-conscious recipes, trusted to enhance flavor and well-being.

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Indulge in the benefits of your bone broth

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Bone broth
  • Recipe upgrade

    Recipe upgrade

    • Easy to disperse in hot water
    • Increased nutritional value
    • Allows for re-positioning as healthy/high in protein
  • Consumer trust

    Consumer trust

    • No known allergens
    • 100 % natural origin
    • No E-numbers
  • Nutrition access

    Nutrition access

    • Added protein
    • Promotes condition-specific health benefits
    • Low in fat

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