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Who we are

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Who We Are 1920X704

Whether you are looking to clean up your label, add appealing attributes to your food or beverage product or improve the nutritional value of your brand, Essentia Protein Solutions can help you reach your goals.

Essentia Protein Solutions is a global producer of animal protein solutions for the food and beverage industry. All Essentia ingredients are derived from natural raw materials originating from beef, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb and fish. The advanced fractionation methods used in our modern facilities only involve thermal and mechanical processing, without using food additives of any kind.

Ingredients from Essentia Protein Solutions fall into three core categories:

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Functional ingredients with excellent water-binding and gelling properties ideal for increasing yield, improving viscosity and providing emulsifying attributes to meat, dairy and pet food applications.

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Authentic stocks and broths cooked from meaty bones following traditional culinary principles. Alongside a series of specialty fats, they provide excellent mouthfeel and natural umami to soups, sauces and ready meals.

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Hydrolyzed proteins and collagen peptides ideal for boosting the nutritional value of your food or beverage brand. They are a great source of amino acids and can go directly into any nutrition or beauty brand as clean label ingredients.

Where we make a difference

Essentia Protein Solutions offers a wide variety of value adding aspects to many different consumer product categories. From a unique range of meat, skin, bone, blood, and insect raw materials, we derive ingredients that bring the very best of nature directly into your formulation.

What we produce are real food ingredients that consumers recognize and understand. We do not add anything, and we supply you with a clean label ingredient.

Essentia Protein Solutions, owned by the Lauridsen Group Incorporated (LGI), is the result of a merger between three significant protein specialists: BHJ Ingredients, Proliant Meat Ingredients and Proliant Health. In 2018, Essentia Protein Solutions acquired Danish-based protein manufacturer Scanflavour A/S. This acquisition has seen Essentia Protein Solutions cement its position as the world's leading producer of animal proteins.

Our customers include food manufacturers and ingredient blenders. Through a strong international network of dedicated distributors, we operate across more than 60 countries in key sectors: meat, savory, nutrition, dairy and pet food.

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How we support you

To help you build an even better business for your food or beverage brand, we invite you to co-create with our team of culinary experts.

They can help you optimize your formulation, reach new interesting tastes and textures and boost the nutritional value of your brand. 

Adding ingredients by Essentia will create an opportunity for you to reposition your brand as better looking, better tasting, more healthy and with a better bite. 

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Meeting consumer demands, together

Today’s food and nutrition industries are faced with extraordinary consumer expectations. On one hand, consumers have a constant craving for new exciting products. And on the other, they demand premium quality, convenience, safety, and a more nutritious diet to fulfill their individual needs.

The relentless demand for new innovative solutions calls for strong partnerships all the way through the value chain. Essentia is all about allergen-free proteins with the ability to enrich any kind of food or nutrition product. In Essentia, you will find a global network of expertise with the ability to improve the performance, taste, texture, appearance, and nutritional profile of your food or nutrition products.

To learn more about our unique protein solutions and our commitment to serving our customers’ needs, contact us today.

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