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3 ways for sausages to regain popularity

The convenience and versatility of sausages makes them a superior meat option and no doubt they are still enjoyed in large quantities all over the world.
There are signs, though, that concerns over phosphates and other additives are undermining this once so popular treat.


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From humble to healthy


Clean label whole-meat delight

A healthy sausage may sound like a myth but using Essentia’s clean label ingredients in your formulation makes it very possible.

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Phosphate-free hybrid

Essentia clean label functional protein solutions fit perfectly into hybrid sausages combining meat and plant-based proteins.

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Plant based


Satisfying meat-like texture

A delicious meat free alternative, packed with taste and texture - based on pea protein and hydrocolloids to provide the desired structure.

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Connect with our protein experts to get more inspiration on how sausage recipes - and other meat recipes for that matter - can be updated in order to regain popularity among consumers who are increasingly mindful about what they are eating.

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A lean and high in protein sausage may very well be enjoyed in salads, sandwiches, hotdogs or as a nutritious snack option