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Our production facilities

Serving the food industry since 1969, we understand the importance of delivering products to you on time and at the quality level you expect from us.  That is why all our raw materials are sourced from different locations and manufactured at multiple sites, ensuring you receive your order regardless of any production issues in one specific place.

Having multiples production sites in both Europe and the Americas ensures the flexibility demanded by global food producers today.

Being a highly accountable supplier, we are exceptionally committed to delivering full traceability and being able to ensure consistent quality. We deploy globally acknowledged QA and food safety systems in accordance with the highest standards. Apart from mandatory documentation, our QA and regulatory specialists offer valuable advice on declaration issues and import/export restrictions in order to ensure the fastest time-to-market for our customers.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Our Buenos Aires, blending facility serves primarily the Argentinian and the South American food sector with functional ingredient blends.

Production started in 2011.


Granollers, Spain

At our human grade blood and plasma fractionation plant in Granollers we produce powdered functional proteins and pigments for meat applications. These functional ingredients are derived from pork red cells, whole blood and pork blood plasma. Another specialty is AProRed™ - a natural micro-granulated meat pigment derived from pork blood.

Since the plant was built in 1981, it has undergone constant expansion, most recently with an additional dryer. Summer 2019 all production will move to a completely new food grade plant with improved capacity and state-of-the art processing equipment.


Gråsten, Denmark

Our Gråsten facility was built in 1980 and fully commissioned in 1981. Production of functional proteins derived from pork rind took off in 1982. The plant was expanded in 1988 with a new warehouse and a new packing line and recently the facility had a new cooker installed.

The facility manufactures functional proteins and pork rind pellets for high protein snack products.


Harlan, Iowa (NA)

The production site in Harlan, Iowa, has two separate facilities - a stocks and broths plant and functional protein plant - where we produce functional proteins. Construction of a new soup stock plant began in 2013 with production starting in 2014. The protein extraction plant also underwent a major modernization in 2012. The original plant dates back to 1962 and was taken over by LGI in 1994.

This facility has a state-of-the-art waste water treatment system.


Hobro, Denmark

The production facility in Hobro (Denmark) was acquired in 1991 from Grindsted Products (Danisco). At that time as also today, the plant produced functional and high functional proteins derived from pork rind. In addition, the site included a soup stock line. In 1996, the processing equipment for the soup stock production was moved from Hobro to our facility in Stidsvig (Sweden).

Our Hobro facility underwent a major refurbishment from 2008 to 2010. An additional production line for ScanPro™ T95 was established as well as a state of the art, fully automated packing and palletizing line, and a new warehouse.


Højmark, Denmark

Close to the North Sea on the west coast of Denmark and adjacent to a number of key ports, our Højmark production facility specializes in manufacturing soup stocks cooked from fish and seafood raw materials. The facility in Højmark was acquired by Essentia Protein Solutions in 2015.

Since 1984, the company has been operating as a research and consultancy business known as the Hojmark Group. In recent years, it has specialized in the production of high-quality soup stocks based on some of the finest marine raw materials including cod, plaice, lobster and mussel. All raw materials stem from wild catch primarily from the waters around Scandinavia. Most products come as chilled or frozen liquid pastes.

As well as a DANAK certified laboratory, this facility houses a pilot kitchen which is offered to customers and corporation partners looking to carry out trials and innovation projects with specific focus on marine proteins.


Lytton, Iowa (NA)

In Lytton, Iowa, we produce stocks, broths, extracts, fats and flavors for culinary applications like soups, sauces and prepared foods. Since it was purchased in 1980, the plant has undergone continuous modernization. 


Stidsvig, Sweden

The production site in Stidsvig was acquired from Swedish Quality Meat in 2006, when it manufactured edible fats, meat and bone meal and edible greaves. Today, Stidsvig is a modern soup stock facility specializing in stocks, broth and edible fats for the savory sector.

Over the years, we have upgraded the plant for further refining of our raw material. In 1995, we installed a spray dryer and three extraction centrifuges for the extraction of proteins from defatted bones. A few years later, the plant further expanded with a fat-refinement plant including a deodorization process and a fractionation process.

And in 2019 we are investing in the installation of a fully automated CIP system as well as a seventh extraction centrifuge and equipment for an agglomeration process.


Tipton, UK

Since 1969, our UK plant in Tipton, West Midlands has been manufacturing DrindeTM, an originally patented functional ingredient based on dehydrated pork rind. Then in 2003-4, a major refurbishment and expansion was undertaken to bring fine milling to the UK plant.

In the last few years, our on-site warehousing capacity has expanded with the purchase of several surrounding business units. This expansion ensures we maintain greater control of our product before we ship it to customers.

In 1993, the Tipton plant gained its EEC Export License. Importantly, the facility is and has for 23 consecutive years achieved the highest rating as a BRC AA grade site. And it holds a BQAP (British Quality Assured Pork) assurance.  This allows processors to conform with the Red Tractor Farm Assured criteria for manufacturers looking to offer ‘Quality British Food’. 


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