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Natural and umami-rich taste supporting a viscous mouthfeel

For any chef, preparation of many food products starts by preparing and adding a fond, stock or bouillon, as this is the key to creating amazing tastes, powerful umami and a viscous mouthfeel.

At Essentia, we produce pure stocks supplied as pastes and spray-dried powders, originating from pork, beef, chicken, lamb and different species in seafood.

The range consists of all-natural ingredients, free from additives. You can add it directly into your application as a clean label ingredient.

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Chicken Ginger-Turmeric Fond

Chicken Ginger-Turmeric Fond

Disclaimer: This information is provided as is without any warranties. The use and application of our products are not under our control and we recommend to make your own application trials. Please, refer to our general disclaimer

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